Furniture Packages

Furniture Packages

new two principle of good design and quality at affordable prices.

The aim of the Furniture Packages Service is to supply quality NEW Furniture at affordable pricesfor support agencies and their service users.

Working closely with Resettlement Agencies, Support Organisations, Social Work Departments, Social Housing Providers, Landlords and Voluntary Organisations, the service can be accessed as a one stop shop by referring service users/tenants to new two, and in doing so saving themselves both time and money.

Furniture Packages are ideal for anyone setting up a new home as they include all the essential items of furniture, carpets and other floor coverings, curtains, soft furnishings, starter packs and where necessary, home decoration.

Furniture Packages can be tailored to meet individual needs and tastes by offering choice on furniture styles and colour schemes for major items e.g. suites, carpets.

Ever mindful of the social aims of Second Opportunities and the need to maximise disposable income, new two has a policy to price research all furniture available within the showroom, aiming to ensure customers will be able to purchase cheaper than available elsewhere. As service users are often marginalised or disadvantaged within society they may in turn qualify for additional help, as detailed below, to cover the cost of their furniture requirements.

Grant Support: Given the vulnerable or marginalised circumstances of the client groups who are on benifits and social fund payment/s looking to use the Furniture Package Service can apply.

Housing Benefit Service Charge: Where furniture packages are being provided as part of a furnished tenancy the cost can be covered by a housing benefit service charge which is paid along with the rent. Social housing providers will work in conjunction with the support agency to arrange this type of tenancy In these circumstances new two can help advise on the package detail and the application for a housing benefit service charge.

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